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Product Information

Luxmi Archangel Beeswax Candles

Product Code: LuxmiAA

Luxmi Pure Beeswax Candles.


Good for you. Good for the Bees. Good for Mother Earth.

Handmade with love.

These candles are made to correspond to the Aura-Soma Pomanders.

**normal practitioner discounts do not apply**

Dimensions: 9cm x 4cmØ 

Weight: 32gm 

Approximate burning time: 5hrs 

Beeswax candles are carbon emission free , unlike other wax candles.

Beeswax candle fuel is the only fuel that produces negative ions – a recipe for removing pollution and lifting your mood.

The beeswax used in making LuxMi pure beeswax candles is sourced from independent beekeepers in rural Australia.

Pure beeswax candles are a premium product whose cost is directly linked to the weight of the raw material. When you purchase LuxMi pure beeswax candles you make an ethical, as well as an aesthetic choice and gain the added benefit of natural negative ionization (link) which occurs when burning them.


When lighting your candle hold the flame to the base of the wick, closest to the wax. This allows enough wax to draw up into the wick so as not to consume the wick. If the wick burns out just expose some more wick below the surface of the candle by gently scraping wax away from around the base of the wick.


To get the most from your beeswax candles try extinguishing them by briefly dipping the wick into the wax with a match or small stick. That way you avoid smoke and wick burn out. Your wick is now reconditioned for lighting again next time.


It is a good idea where possible to dedicate a sharp pair of scissors to wick trimming. If a wick becomes too long the flame will flicker out of control, the candle will get too hot, burn too fast and may also cause unwanted smoke. To avoid this, simply trim the wick back till only about 1cm of wick is exposed. For best results, do this while the candle is lit.

If you don't need your candles straight away, it is a good idea to place them in the fridge for around 10 days or so, just once. It will tighten the wax and gives them a longer, more even burning life. This does not have to be done immediately prior to burning.

Don't forget your beeswax candles in the fridge or freezer for weeks or months, though, as this can render them brittle and with unsightly cracks.

You may notice...

the surface becomes mottled and the original lustre appears lost. This is called ‘bloom’ and is completely normal for beeswax – just more visible on coloured beeswax.

There is an easy remedy.

Simply hold a hairdryer about 10cm distance from the candle for just a few moments, gently rotating the candle. The warmth will make the beeswax look sweaty and pale. When you are happy with the even application of heat, simply put the candle back in place. As it cools down you’ll see a fresh, vibrant and happy beeswax candle appear again.

Left Over Beeswax

Make your very own petrochemical free furniture polish.

Using 4 parts of vegetable oil, 1 part of beeswax and between 10 – 40 drops of any good quality essential oil of your choice. Measure and warm the vegetable oil and beeswax together on the stovetop until the beeswax has melted. Remove from heat and stir well.

Add essential oil and stir well to combine. Decant and let set. To use, dab a bit of the polish on a lint free cloth and rub into furniture until a soft shine appears.

There are many good ideas on the web and some great YouTube clips on these subjects for you to explore. 


This product is currently out of stock


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