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Colour Astro Bio Chemic Salts - Ferrum Phos - Deep Magenta

Product Code: SBS11


Ferrum Phos

Helps to maintain the red blood corouscles, which are essential for oxygenation of the body.

If you are attracted to Deep Magenta use Ferrum Phos; if to Magenta Pink , add Bioplasma

There are 12 signs in the zodiacal wheel, corresponding to the 12 predominant colours. Deep Magents corresponds with Pisces.

Pisces represents the development of self-trancendence through the dissolution of the individual ego. It is the ability to connect with consciousness itself and become transcended through the expression of "divine love in everyday life". Pisces' gifts ar imagination, compassion, responsiveness, contemplation and reflection.

Pisces rules the feet, the red blood corpuscles and oxygenation of the body, and is associated with Ferrum Phos. 

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