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Newsletter Autumn 2011

Dear All

We hope you enjoy reading our latest newsletter

We send love and light to each of you and wish you peace over the coming months. Sarah and Louise


 These are certainly exciting times we are living in.  Challenging too, but perhaps when we can rise above the challenges and look at the bigger picture we can also connect with excitement.

Old structures are breaking down.  The hidden is being revealed and all that we no longer need is falling away.  We need to embrace these changes rather than fight them.  Feel grateful for what has been and all that we may have learnt from it but don’t try to hold onto to it.  Whether it is the physical, relationships or patterns of behaviour, now is the time to really find those things that support your highest good and let the others go.

Sometimes it is hard to let go.   The patterns and structures become so much a part of who we are that it can be like losing an identity - who would you be without.....?  This will be different for each person reading this.  For Louise it has been a time of leaving a 23 yr marriage which she realised was no longer supporting either her or her husband’s highest potential.  For me it has been more about examining patterns of behaviour and trying to move away from restrictive patterns and thoughts.  I have been thinking about next year and which courses I want to teach and suddenly I realised that I wasn’t feeling excited about it.   It isn’t that I don’t want to teach rather that the restriction of having lots of courses booked in, and then not always finding enough students isn’t really thrilling at the moment! So I have taken a big step of not booking any courses until I have a strong calling to teach one.  It feels really right and exciting to offer a 2 day sharing experience for students in November but after that I am not sure.  I am trusting that when the time is right, I will know and until then the diary is clear.    I am still happy to teach anywhere if I am invited and there are at least 4 students so do let me know if this feels right for you.  I may even write again soon with the dates of a new set of courses but for now I am leaving space in my diary for all the exciting things that are going to fall into it during 2012.  I am also planning to put Killarney on the market and move (not too far away) as my youngest daughter is leaving home and the house is too large for me and Nigel.  It feels like the right time for a change.

We are told by many of the ancients that great changes are coming to the planet over the next 2 years so how do we prepare?   Humanity as a whole is moving to a time where they will be operating more from their heart centre with compassion and caring for the whole, rather than from the lower 3 centres based on materialism, power and control for the benefit of the self.  It is therefore really important for us to connect with our hearts and our hearts desires.  What do you really want?  It is also said that we are moving to a time where energy will be greatly speeded up so that our thoughts start to materialise very quickly.  This emphasises the importance of positive thinking and knowing that our thoughts create our reality.

A student and friend of ours has recently passed away, Anna Jonathan.  Some of you will have met her on courses, a peaceful soul.  Anna left the physical world quickly after a few weeks of illness and I feel is choosing to support the changes that are happening on Earth from the other side.  Many others are also choosing to leave the planet at this time.  I say choosing because at a soul level this will be a choice that has been made, although this can be difficult for the personality self to accept.   We will miss Anna but are pleased that her transition means she will no longer have to endure physical suffering from illness. 



 One of the largest changes within the Aura-Soma® colour System has been the development of AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare).  These products are possibly the purest and best natural skincare on the market, certainly they are the best that we have come across. The skincare range contains the oils from plants and herbs grown on Shire Farm in Lincolnshire and also crystal tinctures.  It is revolutionary within natural skincare and we really recommend these products.   

There has been the recent release of the Pegasus Perfumes, also totally natural which is very unusual in this industry and you can feel the effect energetically when you wear it.  It is difficult to recommend specific perfumes as we are all so different but if you would like some samples please visit our website. The products are also available by mail order and in the future we are hoping to have natural make-up available.

Sarah has trained to give facials using the AEOS products which can be combined with Gentle Touch or massage.  This is a great way to experience the products.  It is also possible to order a set of samples of the AEOS products so that you can find the ones that suit you best.  The great thing is that you only need a very small amount of the product so they do last a long time.

Many of you will already know that Shire Farm in Lincolnshire is where many of the Biodynamic plants and herbs that go into the Aura-Soma products are grown.  Just recently Pumpkins have been harvested with the crop providing food at Dev Aura and Aloka  (The Aura-Soma shop) in Brighton.  The oils produced from the pumpkin flowers will be used in the AEOS products and many of the pumpkins were donated to a rally that was bringing awareness to Autism.



You may be less aware that there is a chakra walk on Shire Farm with crystals placed on the chakras within the landscape to bring healing and balance to the land.  It really is very beautiful what is taking place there.  The latest stone to be added was a couple of weeks ago when an obsidian crystal was placed on the land at the heart chakra.

There is a leaflet available with more information about Shire Farm if you are interested.






We are also currently working on a book featuring short stories/poems/jokes etc about the Aura-Soma products and are very grateful for any contributions that may be offered, any that are chosen for the book can also feature an advert in the book with your contact details.   We hope to find interesting stories to inspire and uplift.  We have enclosed a letter with more information about this and really hope that some of you will help us to make this a reality.


 The latest additions to our website are travel size Cell Salts and some C’D’s.  We would like to offer each of our customers that places an order between now and the end of November over £100 a free quintessence or pomander of your choice worth £20.06 (only 1 per customer).  To take advantage of this offer please type the pomander or quintessence name that you have chosen onto the comments box as you move through the checkout procedure or if placing the order by telephone please request your free gift. Sorry but this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer such as practitioner discounts.

Remember we are always happy to answer questions you may have about Aura-Soma products, we try to give as much information online as we can but know that sometimes it is difficult to find the answer you are looking for.

We would really like to thank each of you for your support throughout the year.  We really appreciate your orders and hope we provide a good service for you. 


 We are approaching 11/11/11 and according to Diana Cooper at 11.11 a.m. on this day:

 'This is the first cosmic moment we have been awaiting for so long, when huge and very pure energies will bathe the planet for a minute. If you can please go to a sacred site or other power point and relax to await the energy. It is most important to be grounded so that the powerful light can come through you.

 Many people will not be aware of anything happening but there will be a spiritual energetic shift and miracles can take place.'

 In numerology we know that the number 11 forms a doorway or portal for energy and light. The 11 is linked to illumination and if we look at the 11 bottle we have clear/pink, Light and clarity shone into the red energy (the earth plane) leading to unconditional love. This is a day of amplification so be sure to hold all the positive visions for the future in your mind. ASK BIG. We are limitless beings who are stepping into our true creative power, our great I AM. If we add the number of this day together (11:11:2011) we come to the 8, as above so below. The bottle number 8 is Anubis yellow/blue, shaking to green, the colour of the heart. One of the messages of Anubis is how light is your heart? Are you doing what you love to do? Are you happy? Remember this is the day to ASK BIG both for yourself and the planet.

 The number 1 is the Physical Rescue bottle blue over deep magenta.  The bottle corresponds with the tarot card The Magician and indicates that we each have all the tools we need within ourselves.  The 11 indicates an opportunity to master the lesson of the 1 i.e. to become the master of the individual that we are.  So what does this mean?  This is a time when we recognise that we are no longer ‘victims’, we have all the qualities we need to overcome our challenges and live our lives according to our deepest values.  A time to step forward and say ‘this is me – I am’

 We are not sure what changes lie ahead of us but we feel that by keeping in touch and linking together we can support each other through the many challenges we are facing.



 A friend of ours, Prem Sedara is selling some of her unused Aura-Soma bottles if you are interested please contact her direct for further information on 07958 591088.


 As some of you know we have had a lot of legal problems over our shop in Liskeard.  We left the shop last December but unfortunately we were a bit too trusting and took people at their word rather than getting things in writing.  A Good lesson – always get legal things in writing!!! But the good news is that hopefully we will be finished with this soon.  We decided not to fight as the stress of this is so great, so have ended up paying more money to come out but we will trust in the law of Karma and look forward to leaving all this behind as we look to the future.












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