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Levels 1,2 and 3

Open to all

There are 72 Angels that guide humanity. Each carries a different Divine quality to uplift, support and transform. We each have 3 Angels that are assigned at birth and stay to guide us along our life’s path. These 3 angels are known as our Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellect Angel and each supports in a different way. 

This course will introduce the sacred sounds and colours that are connected to your angels. You will learn the story behind the system and how to invoke the angels into your everyday life. The light codes and colour keys help to unlock your potential and support you to lead the life you wish to.

This course is open to everyone and part 1 is complete in itself with all the information you will need to find and invoke the angels for yourself, and friends and family. Parts 2 and 3 give a deeper insight into the 72 Angels. 

Working with the 72 angels can be transformative, uplifting and positively life changing. No previous knowledge is required for this course, which is experiential and informative. 

Part 1 - 4 days

72 sacred names in Hebrew are expressed in three letter sounds, which accord and emanate specific angelic energies. Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person who works with them.

Working with 72 Angels is a truly transformational process, whereby helping ourselves change the substance of being, by enhancing our awareness and raising our consciousness – an alchemical process, in accord with our light-body (Aura-Soma) and another way of making this conscious.

During this 4 day course you will learn about the 3 angels that are guiding you and how to invoke the energy of the angels into your life.  The meaning of your colour choice and the connection of this to your guiding angels will be explored on the course, which is experiential and involves chanting of the sacred names.  Please do not be put off if you are not confident chanting as we make it fun and relaxed and chant along to a CD. You will receive a comprehensive manual with tables and a chart to help you to find the Angels, and their characteristics, for the relevant dates and times. You will receive a certificate of attendance and refreshments are supplied. 

Part 2 – 3 days

In this three day course, there will be further practical work based on experiences gained in Part 1. The course will allow those who would like to further their work to see colour codes in various ways in relation to the keys of the 72 Angels and their understanding. Practical exercises will help us to learn how to bring the dimension of the angels, the light beings to our physicality and towards the cellular level of our being

This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the understanding of what the implications of the 72 angels are in relation to Aura-Soma. When we look at colour, light and sound as being a means to decode the conditioned patterns within the physicality, we also consider how we bring the angelic aspects and the sense of the light being closer to our physicality, how we make the light body more real, so that we are more able to express a quality rather than the expression of the conditioned patterns, thus allowing us to make appropriate shifts

Our exploration will expand into the Tree of Life placement and associations with the 72 Angels, as well as astrological and planetary influences.

Part 3 - 3 days

Part III will be presented over 3 days. These three 3s makes the 9, the Journey of Meditation. The 8 is the number of Aura-Soma (1 plus 3 plus 9 plus 1 plus 1 plus 6 plus 4 plus 1= 26, 2 plus 6= 8), Anubis. 8 times 9 = 72, the 72 angels. 

So, 72 angels are another aspect we have been given to work with the Aura-Soma system which is also to do with decoding the RNA / DNA situation within which we find ourselves. We are each in the midst of a situation which is the inheritance of the parental lineages on both sides, going back many generations to our distant ancestors. We come into a physical body as a little spark of consciousness. What we need to do is to decode that RNA / DNA, so that we may build the body of light from within the physicality and thus our conscious awareness.

In Part III, we will consolidate on what we have learned in Part I and Part II, and integrate working with 72 angels into our daily lives in order that working with the angels becomes as natural as breathing. It is our hope this may come about for all the participants as a result of deeper exploration and integration.

At the same time, we will gain experience and confidence through much practical work in order to be able to offer this aspect in your consultations to clients. For those with clients who come to you for regular consultations, this will add another dimension and depth in order to help their and your own journeys.   

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