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Journey to Mastery

This is a 2 day workshop during which we will explore the concept of ‘The Masters’ and ‘Mastery’ with the help of the Aura-Soma®  Colour System.
The Master are high frequency beings who, having mastered the many challenges that we face on earth, offer their love and support to help us with our own challenges on the ‘Journey to Mastery’
Aura-Soma®  is a colour system that can reveal your ‘true colours’ – the real you.  It can indicate the gifts you have and positive qualities you can develop right now to support you in your life.  Each person will choose the 4 dual-coloured bottles that call to them the most and their choice and what this choice means will be explored throughout the 2 days.
We will look at the subtle anatomy of humans in relation to the Incarnational Star, the Earth Star, the Soul Star, the Emerald of the Heart and the Ananda Khanda and explore how your colour choice relates to these. We also look at the relevance of the Emerald Heart in relation to how humans are changing and developing.
The colours that are chosen will indicate which Masters are working with individuals and how they helping and supporting you.  You will learn the characteristics of these Masters and an exercise to help you make the connection with your inner Master.
You will learn about Colour Essences and how to make an individual essence to support you to overcome challenges relating to the past.  The Colour Essences support emotionally and mentally and both an essence and explanatory booklet are included in the course.
We will be using the amazing products of the Aura-Soma®  Colour System throughout the 2 days to facilitate and enhance the process of Mastery.
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