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Aura-Soma Courses

with Sarah Hurst

Would you like to deepen your journey with the Aura-Soma Colour System, if so Sarah offers a selection of courses that could be right for you.

Essentials Course

The Essentials course is a gentle introduction to the Aura-Soma Colour System. This course offers an opportunity to relax and unwind over two experiential days of meditation and self‑discovery. You will experience how the products are tools for transformation and wellbeing.

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 Practitioner Training

Aura-Soma is for those who would like to become part of a vision to create conscious change on the planet, by enabling people to be the best version of themselves. Becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner is of immense benefit to your personal growth in terms of what you are able to share with others and how you are able to trust that which is within yourself; the most sacred and profound.

One of your main activities will be to hold personal consultations for those who use, or would like to use, Aura-Soma on their path of consciousness and wellness. During a consultation, you will guide people through a completely customised self-selection of the Equilibrium bottles
. You will encourage people to trust their intuition, and discover that the colours they are drawn to are the colours they need. Together, you will review their chosen colours and explore their meanings in the context and depth of their own journey to discover which of our products are best suited to help build and maintain happiness and vitality in their everyday life.

The practitioner training is a three-part programme, with each course lasting four days. In order to assimilate the information provided during the courses, students must take 30 days for reflection and assimilation between each one. 

Level 1 Blue Course

The initial step on the 3‑stage journey to becoming an Aura‑Soma practitioner. The Level 1 foundation course represents a starting point for all those that are looking to trust their intuition and access a better understanding of themselves. It allows you to support not only your own wellness journey but also to support others to be the best versions of themselves.

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Level 2 Yellow Course

The second step on the 3‑stage journey to becoming an Aura‑Soma practitioner. The Level 2 Intermediate course allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Colour and consciousness in relation to The Law of Three and the inherited tendencies and their gifts and to make connections between the Aura‑Soma colour system and other wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Numerology.

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Level 3 Red Course

The final step on the 3-stage journey to becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner. The Level 3 advanced course allows you to explore the deeper aspects of colour theory through the Master sequence, developing a fuller understanding of the Subtle Anatomy of Man from an Aura-Soma perspective. It will also nurture consultation skills through practical participation; developing the connections between colour and consciousness to help your intuition connect to Equilibrium in a deeper way.

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Sarah Hurst

Sarah is an experienced teacher. Aura-Soma changed her life completely and she is passionate about these amazing products. 

'I have seen what they can do for myself, my family and my clients. My courses are experiential, fun and often life changing. My approach is gentle and caring and I aim to enable each student to connect with their 'true colours' and potential.'

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