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Colour System

The Aura-Soma System was brought into the world by a lady called Vicky Wall and now it is Mike Booth who continues to work to fulfil Vicky’s vision.  Most of the production of the plants that go into the products takes place in Tetford, Lincolnshire on a Biodynamic Farm, Shire Farm.  Part of the Aura-Soma philosophy is to continually source better quality products for this growing and evolving system.


There are over 115 dual-coloured bottles containing the living energies of plants, minerals and colour at the heart of the Aura-Soma System.   Each bottle can be seen as a key to consciousness which may help to open or awaken us to a certain aspect of our self, giving an opportunity to recognise and heal ourselves.  It is as though each key can open a different door and in making our colour choice we choose which door we want to open.   Having explored what lies behind this door, the application of the bottles helps to enhance the positive characteristics relating to the colour chosen.  Helping us to break out of past conditioning and see ourselves in a new light.

The rainbow journey leads us to a pot of gold that is the discovery of our true colours.  Each bottle choice is a part of this journey helping to unlock those things that stand in the way of uncovering our full potential.  Each of us has different experiences in life that lead us to the place of ‘now’, it is here that we have the choice of acting in relation to the past and what has gone before or creating a new possibility in line with our true colours.

AnAura-Soma consultationis a journey through your colour choice of 4 bottles. This what a consultation can offer you.

*  You will discover your potential, gifts and talents. 


* You will learn how to enhance these and find which colours are the most supportive for you. 


* What challenges have been faced in the past and the qualities you have that will help you overcome them.


* How to use Colour to support you energetically


* An opportunity to explore and find guidance on any issues you may have thus discovering and dissolving emotional blocks


Aura-Soma Products produce many items relating to colour to support you on your journey. Your bottle choice indicates which other products are the most supportive.  Pomanders to cleanse and protect the energy field around you;  Quintessences to invoke subtle qualities and aid meditation; Archangeloi to connect with angelic qualities; Colour Essences to support the chakra system.

Aura-Soma Products also produce a range to enhance your living space such as Air Conditioners that can change the energy within a room instantly.  

My own journey with this system has been exciting, absorbing and revealing.  I have studied many therapies and spiritual teachings and have found Aura-Soma Colour to be unique, profound and deep reaching.  I am excited each time I choose a new bottle to apply, wondering how these living energies will work.  Usually the changes are subtle and within, but of course all change within makes change in the world around us. 

Vicky Wall




 In 1983 the system of Aura-Soma was ‘birthed’ through a lady called Vicky Wall who had lost her sight.  She had always had auric sight and it was this aspect of her sight that was enhanced when her normal sight deteriorated.  She was the 7th child of a 7th child and these children are often said to have psychic abilities and this was true for Vicky, although she had become one of the first female surgical chiropodists in England her full mission wasn’t revealed until after she thought she had retired with poor health.  


 Vicky felt ‘other hands guided hers’ as she poured the first of the dual coloured Equilibrium bottles in a trance like state.  She was already selling natural creams and lotions that she made and sold the bottles alongside, as she knew the ingredients of aromatherapy oils and herbal extracts would be highly beneficial for the skin.  However as people drew near and chose bottles a deeper meaning was revealed as Vicky could see that people were drawn to colours she could see in their aura.  


 ‘You are the colours you choose and these reflect our beings needs’  


 The application of the oils revealed their potential to restore equilibrium on all levels as people reported the benefits they had received from using the products.  

 Colour has its own language and each colour with its different wavelength has a different affect on our energy, our thoughts and our feelings. A person’s colour choice can reveal their potential, their gifts, challenges and the most supportive energies for restoring equilibrium. This colour system is now available around the world.  Following Vicky’s passing Mike Booth who was Vicky’s constant companion before her death, continues to ensure Vicky’s vision is fulfilled.  




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