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Containing the living energies of plants, herbs and crystals, the Aura-Soma Colour System products promote wellbeing on all levels. The main products in the Aura-Soma product range are:



There are 118 dual coloured Equilibrium bottles numbered 0 - 117. Each bottle has a name and number and contains Aromatherapy Oils, Herbs and Crystal Energies to promote wellbeing on all levels. They are available in a 50ml glass bottle and applied as a massage oil.                

  For more detailed information and to see all the bottles please click here      or     Buy now 



 Some background information on pomanders  to be written here

There are 17 Pomanders which work in the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body to strengthen, cleanse energy and form an energetic protection. Each one corresponds with a colour and is available in a 25ml plastic bottle, a 2,5ml glass vial and an Air conditioner. 


For more detailed information please click here    or      Buy now 



There are 15 Quintessences which work in the Astral field to promote subtle qualities such as peace and joy and enhance meditation. They each have a name of a Master Being and encourage us to become our own Masters. Available in a 25ml plastic bottle, a 2.5ml glass vial and an Air Conditioner.


For more detailed information please click here      or     Buy now  


Colour Essences


There are 15 Colour Essences which are applied to pulse points, used in the bath or added to sprays and cosmetics to bring positivity and wellbeing. Each relates to a colour and connects us to the corresponding chakra. Available in 30ml glass bottle or a cream.


For more detailed information please click here     or        Buy now  



The 9 Archangeloi are used as a spray into the energy field and connect with the higher energy bodies to bring enhanced awareness. They help to connect us with our potential and the angelic (light) aspect of ourselves. Available in a 20ml spray. 


For more detailed information please click here     or    Buy now 


 Pocket Rescue

The Pocket Rescue bottles are 9 of the Equilibrium Bottles that have been found to be so popular that they have been made in a form that is easily transportable and energised in a way that they can be used by more than one person. Available in 25ml plastic bottle.


For more detailed information please click here    or     Buy now 

 Air Conditioners


The Air Conditioners are atmospheric fresheners for our personal surroundings as well as living and work spaces, practitioner rooms and group gathering areas. Each formula brings specific qualities related to its colour correspondences, essential oils, crystal waveforms and the Aura-Soma special energising process. All are intended to enhance personal and group clarity, balance and wellbeing, and to promote peace, harmony and co-operation in gatherings of all kinds.


For more detailed information please click here      or    Buy now 



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