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Product Information

Set 20ml Air Conditioners

Product Code: FULLACS

This set has one of each of the 10 pomanders and quintessences listed below.  An ideal way to try a selection of Aura-Soma Air Conditioners in a practical size.  Ideal for travel.

White -Cleansing, pruifying and protecting

Use to help clear spaces and bring light into situations.  May protect the chakras and the whole electromagnetic field, bringing clarity in times of stress.  Ideal for clearing and cleansing crystals.

Use when wanting to open a space for new beginnings to bring in the light.

Deep Red -Warming, grounding, protecting and re-energising

Grounding and energising, this essence has the potential to give strong protection from energy zapping or depletion.  Can de-stress the electromagnetic field, helping overcome fears linked to survival issues.

Use when you feel tired or as a protection in situations when your energy may be depleted

Orange -Recover from any shock or stress

A potential shock absorber.  Orange can restore you to a state of calm concentration when unforeseen circumstances throw you off balance.  Also a gentle pick-me-up that can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face your next challenge.

Use this essence to let go of the negative effect of past trauma.

Yellow - Let the sunshine in

Can allow joy to shine through negativity, fear or anxiety.  When nervous and stressed Yelloe can help bring in a fresh perspective or new understanding.  Helps to support all forms of assimilation and is ideal during times of study.

Use when you want to bring in a fresh approach or to bring back the sunshine or for reducing negativity, fear or anxiety.

Green -Finding your own space, going to the heart of things

Calming, balancing and centering it can bring peace to the emotions.  Can create the feeling of space, helping with decision making.  May assist in disconnecting from others, especially in client/practitioner relationships.  Can be useful when selling a house to disconnect your energies so that new ones can come in.

Use when you need your own space for decision making and when entering new environments.

El Morya -Divine Support

Has the potential to calm the energy fields around the body, invoking a sense of peace.  With peace a renewed energy may be released that supports communication and creativity helping you to align to your true purpose.

Use for helping create a peaceful atmosphere especially when communication and creativity is required.

Lady Nada -Unconditional Love

Lady Nada can help us to be heard - Nada means sacred sound, the inner sound - Om.  Healing with deep love, letting go of negativity at a deep level.

Use when you want to be heard, has the potential to bring in the energy of nurturing and unconditional love.

Serapis Bey -Purification and new beginnings

May release old energy patterns.  Helps to expand the vital aura around the body, balancing, sealing and protecting it.  Useful in space clearing to protect, harmonise and seal the space.  Use for clearing and cleansing crystals.

Use at the start of a new project to dissolve old patterns of the past and bring in new energy.

St Germain -Transformation

A catalyst to help transform negative energies into positive energies.  Clearing, calming and soothing on the emotions.  Transforming old energy patterns. Calming on the electro-magnetic fields around the body.

Use to aid transformation of old energy, clear old patterns and calm the electro-magnetic field.

Orion and Angelica -New beginnings, endings and travel

Can clear negativity and expectations giving the possibility of synchronicity and inspiration to flow.  Ideal for new projects, meetings and travel.  For high speed travel i.e Jet plane travel, may assist in keeping the subtle energy bodies, those fields around the physical body, together, so one can arrive complete.

Use when you are starting a new project, finishing a project or relationship and to avoid jet lag.

For more information and how to use Air Conditioners Clickhere

Information and Images ©Aura-Soma Products Ltd



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