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Who are you?  

What did you come here to do?  

Would you like to have the support of 72 Angels to help in your life?

When we start invoking the angels into our lives we may find our lives changing in ways we cant even imagine as we transform with the light and love of the angels and they support us to fulfill our potential on earth.  



The teachings of the 72 Angels and the Kabbalah are an Ancient Wisdom system that attributes 72 divine qualities to 72 Angels. Each has a sacred name comprised of 3 Hebrew light letters which become keys to access and develop the highest aspects of ourselves. These energies, or angels, are always available to us but they also pass through cycles where their energies are stronger and on those days are easier for us to connect with. Connecting with these cycles helps us to become more light-filled on all levels this is known as developing the light body.  This in turn leads to greater vitality, joy and peace in our lives



Within the Aura-Soma Colour System there are 72 bottles which are allocated to these 72 Angels. The colours can also work as keys to consciousness to unlock and bring to awareness whatever is needed to return us to a state of equilibrium. Each person has 3 angels allocated to them at the time of birth. These are know as the Incarnational Angel, the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel.  The Incarnational Angel supports your physical existence and day to day living, the Heart Angel supports your emotions and feelings, and the Intellect Angel supports your mind and thinking processe



To find the 3 Angels that are guiding you or to find out abput your individual Angels you might like to visit our sister site www.72angelsessence.co.uk.  Or book a 72 Angels and Aura-Soma Colour consultation with Sarah to explore how your Angels are relevant in your life.  Or come on a course to deepen your knowledge and connection with the Angelic cycles.




The 72 equilibrium bottles that are connected to the 72 Angels are numbers 23 – 94 and  you will find details on the product page in the shop for these bottles of the Angel that it is connected to.


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