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Standing in front of a set of Equilibrium is a unique and beautiful experience. So many colours and I have been asked to choose one. Slowly it is as though some are drawing me more than others, like there is some sort of connection between us. My eyes keep going back to the same bottle, I choose it and it is placed to one side. I start again to choose one bottle. This time I seem to see new combinations that didn’t catch my eye last time and then I settle on one, which is again removed. This continues until I have selected 4 bottles.

I now have the opportunity to sit before my selection of bottles and see all 4 together.  WOW, a different experience altogether and I am grateful for a few moments of silence to sit with these bottles and feel the colours. I use the word ‘feel’ because it is as if the colours are alive and connecting with aspects of me. Each bottle I look at I experience in a totally different way, and can feel different feelings and thoughts arising.

I am invited to share anything that is happening for me as I sit with my selection. For me it is an amazing opportunity to share with someone my experiences as I feel into the colours before me. To feel an unconditional acceptance of what I am saying and feeling, and have this reflected back to me, starts to bring some sort of understanding within.  As I am gently guided through the bottles I gain insight in relation to where I am at this point in time, to where I have been and to who I am and where I would like to go with my life.

The bottles are living energies and my body feels this. I have a sense of wanting to absorb this energy inwards, like it is feeding me in some way energetically. I am shown how I can apply the bottles to my body to integrate and support myself with all that has been shared. I have also experienced products that work in the energy field to clear and rebalance that have the most amazing aromas.

After the consultation I feel empowered, with a greater understanding of myself, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to purchase the products that really called to me. Now a new adventure begins as I apply the bottles to my body and the energetic products into my energy fields. I discover that not only do the bottles look different, the affect on my body and the places I am drawn to apply them are different for each bottle. I love that I am totally in control of this process and using my own inner sense of what I need.

During the following days and weeks I gain many more insights as I use the products. I realise, as I use the last drops of my Equilibrium bottles, that I am seeing things differently, that something had shifted. I started feeling a yearning to be back in front of those bottles to see what has changed since my last experience.


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