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Product Information

A New Light on Angels - Diana Cooper

Product Code: DCB2

The newly updated and expanded A Little Light on Angels now named A New Light on Angels.  

A New Light on Angels is full of inspiring new angel stories, beautiful colour pictures and an expanded introduction including more information about the original angel visitation I received.  Most important it contains comprehensive information about angels and the new archangels, including the archangels in charge of animals and nature.  Inlcuded is an expanded list of archangels, their twin flames and their retreats and details about the mighty Universal angels.  There are also important additional angel exercises to help you work with the great beings of light.

“I believe in angels” is the title of a well-known song — but do we really? In A New Light on Angels , we meet everyday folk who have experienced angels in their lives. Yes, angels do exist; they are highly evolved beings that have a higher and faster vibrational rate than humans and are, thus, normally invisible to us. Many angels have chosen to serve humanity and are available to help, support, heal and guide us — all we have to do is ask! There are small angels that look after the little everyday tasks and enormous beings that over-light the great universal projects. There are angels who can assist in healing and others who attend celebrations and rituals.

With plenty of new information on angels, including new stories, new visualizations and new information on the Archangels A New Light on Angels guides the reader in contact the angelic realms for help and companionship in their life. We are surrounded by angels — all we have to do is raise our consciousness in order to become aware of them and communicate with them, welcoming them into our lives and allowing the joy, light and peace of their presence into our hearts.

“This whole matter of dealing with angels is far more business-like than the uninitiated might think, and it is not just about peace, healing and a healthy aura. Angels can be called upon to solve practical problems, there is even an angel of parking spaces.”
— Ronald White, The Sunday Times

What are the benefits of buying this book?
•  Learn how to communicate with the angelic realms
•  Discover the healing power of angels
•  Connect with their own guardian angel



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