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Equilibrium 50ml

Equilibrium 50ml


The Equilibrium Bottles incorporate plant extracts,essential oils and the  energies and extracts of precious and semi-precious stones. 


The energetic properties found in the liquids interact with the individuals aura to help support balance in the mind, body and spirit. 


To see the full set of bottles and for more information and how to use the Equilibrium Bottles please click here 


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B49   New Messenger


B49 New Messenger

Product Code: B049

Turquoise/Violet 50ml g… More info

B50   El Morya


B50 El Morya

Product Code: B050

Pale Blue/Pale Blue 50m… More info

B51   Kuthumi


B51 Kuthumi

Product Code: B051

Pale Yellow/Pale Yellow … More info

B52   Lady Nada


B52 Lady Nada

Product Code: B052

Pale Pink/Pale Pink 50m… More info

B53   Hilarion


B53 Hilarion

Product Code: B053

Pale Green/Pale Green 5… More info

B54   Serapis Bey


B54 Serapis Bey

Product Code: B054

Clear/Clear 50ml glass … More info

B55   The Christ


B55 The Christ

Product Code: B055

Clear/Red 50ml glass bo… More info

B56   St Germain


B56 St Germain

Product Code: B056

Pale Violet/Pale Violet … More info

B57   Pallas Athena and Aeolus


B57 Pallas Athena and Aeolus

Product Code: B057

Pale Pink/Pale Blue 50m… More info

B58   Orion and Angelica


B58 Orion and Angelica

Product Code: B058

Pale Blue/Pale Pink 50m… More info

B59   Lady Portia


B59 Lady Portia

Product Code: B059

Pale Yellow/Pale Pink 5… More info

B60   Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin


B60 Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin

Product Code: B060

Blue/Clear 50ml glass b… More info

B61   Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara


B61 Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara

Product Code: B061

Pale Pink/Pale Yellow 5… More info

B62   Maha Chohan


B62 Maha Chohan

Product Code: B062

Pale Turquoise/Pale Turquoi… More info

B63   Djwal Khul and Hilarion


B63 Djwal Khul and Hilarion

Product Code: B063

Emerald Green/Pale Green … More info

B64   Djwal Khul


B64 Djwal Khul

Product Code: B064

Emerald Green/Clear 50m… More info

B65   Head in Heaven Feet on Earth


B65 Head in Heaven Feet on Earth

Product Code: B065

Violet/Red 50ml glass b… More info

B66   The Actress


B66 The Actress

Product Code: B066

Pale Violet/Pale Pink 5… More info

B67   Divine Love


B67 Divine Love

Product Code: B067

Magenta/Magenta 50ml gl… More info

B68   Gabriel


B68 Gabriel

Product Code: B068

Blue/Violet 50ml glass … More info

B69   Sounding Bell


B69 Sounding Bell

Product Code: B069

Magenta/Clear 50ml glas… More info

B70   Vision of Splendour


B70 Vision of Splendour

Product Code: B070

  Yellow/Clear … More info

B71   Essene II Bottle / The Jewel in the Lotus


B71 Essene II Bottle / The Jewel in the Lotus

Product Code: B071

Pink/Clear 50ml glass b… More info

B72   The Clown / Pagliacci


B72 The Clown / Pagliacci

Product Code: B072

Blue/Orange 50ml glass … More info

B73   Chang Tsu


B73 Chang Tsu

Product Code: B073

Gold/Clear 50ml glass b… More info

B74   Triumph


B74 Triumph

Product Code: B074

Pale Yellow/Pale Green … More info

B75   Go with the Flow


B75 Go with the Flow

Product Code: B075

Magenta/Turquoise 50ml … More info

B76   Trust


B76 Trust

Product Code: B076

Pink/Gold 50ml glass bo… More info

B77   The Cup


B77 The Cup

Product Code: B077

Clear/Magenta 50ml glas… More info

B78   Crown Rescue


B78 Crown Rescue

Product Code: B078

Violet/Deep Magenta 50m… More info

B79   The Ostrich Bottle


B79 The Ostrich Bottle

Product Code: B079

Orange/Violet 50ml glas… More info

B80   Artemis


B80 Artemis

Product Code: B080

Red/Pink 50ml glass bot… More info

B81   Unconditional Love


B81 Unconditional Love

Product Code: B081

Pink/Pink 50ml glass bo… More info

B82   Calypso


B82 Calypso

Product Code: B082

Green/Orange 50ml glass… More info

B83   Open Sesame


B83 Open Sesame

Product Code: B083

Turquoise/Gold 50ml gla… More info

B84   Candle in the Wind


B84 Candle in the Wind

Product Code: B084

Pink/Red 50ml glass bot… More info

B85   Titania


B85 Titania

Product Code: B085

Turquoise/Clear 50ml gl… More info

B86   Oberon


B86 Oberon

Product Code: B086

Clear/Turquoise 50ml gl… More info

B87   Love Wisdom


B87 Love Wisdom

Product Code: B087

Pale Coral/Pale Coral 5… More info

B88   Jade Emperor


B88 Jade Emperor

Product Code: B088

Green/Blue 50ml glass b… More info

B89   Energy Rescue


B89 Energy Rescue

Product Code: B089

Red/Deep Magenta 50ml g… More info

B90   Wisdom Rescue


B90 Wisdom Rescue

Product Code: B090

Gold/Deep Magenta 50ml … More info

B91   Feminine Leadership


B91 Feminine Leadership

Product Code: B091

Olive Green/Olive Green … More info

B92   Gretal


B92 Gretal

Product Code: B092

Pale Coral/Olive Green … More info

B93   Hansel


B93 Hansel

Product Code: B093

Pale Coral/Turquoise 50… More info

B94   Archangel Michael


B94 Archangel Michael

Product Code: B094

Pale Blue/Pale Yellow 5… More info

B95   Archangel Gabriel


B95 Archangel Gabriel

Product Code: B095

Magenta/Gold 50ml glass… More info

B96   Archangel Raphael


B96 Archangel Raphael

Product Code: B096

Royal Blue/Royal Blue 5… More info

B97   Archangel Uriel


B97 Archangel Uriel

Product Code: B097

Gold/Royal Blue 50ml gl… More info

B98   Archangel Sandalphon


B98 Archangel Sandalphon

Product Code: B098

Pale Violet/Pale Coral … More info

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