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******************   Archangel Ambiel  *******************

born 31-5-2012 at 12 noon.

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B109 Born 26/7/11 - Click here to read Mike's first thoughts (further thoughts now added too)

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Because of their popularity, the Incense sticks have now been released in each of the Pomanders and Quintessence, we will be updating our website shortly and will have our new stock by the end of this week.

A new Archangeloi has arrived:

Here are Mike's thoughts on the new Archangeloi which brings love, compassion, and caring.

Archangel Chamael

In the revelation of the Aura-Soma® colour system, the Archangel Chamael was the eleventh archangel to be revealed and appears in Equilibrium Bottle B104. The ArchAngeloi Chamael Essence encourages the feminine aspect within ourselves to come forward to help us trust in the intuitive within ourselves, to honour the right side of the brain and the left side of the body as it comes to a new place of recognition, a re-establishment of balance.

Chamael brings in the energies of compassion and love and is one of the seven archangels that attend the Throne of God as protector. Chamael who, in times of need, can be called upon to protect a village, a town, city or nation, as well as sacred spaces, and can also be called upon in an interpersonal way to help with people’s health and well-being.

As we begin to develop our sense of being and our sense of non-doing, whatever is done through us may more consciously be realised by us and what our part in the solution might be. Chamael is the ArchAngeloi to use when times are critical.

In a sense Chamael is there to alleviate suffering, to help us when we are getting what we don’t want, or we are wanting what we cannot have or we are not able to distinguish between these two. With Chamael a sense of personification has been revealed that has not been present with other ArchAngeloi. She belongs to a different order in relation to what is made available through this ArchAngeloi. She may help us to get in touch with the compassionate aspect within ourselves when we face the shadows we have ignored (the ignorance within ourselves) which we may be able to overcome through finding warmth and caring within.

This ArchAngeloi within a network, a collective space, is incredibly important. Bluntly, we could describe a situation of negativity growing within a crowd as the ‘hanging mob’ mentality. ArchAngeloi Chamael would be the one to turn this situation around towards the greater good. This occurs as we accept ourselves at a deeper level, as we find the compassion within the depths of ourselves we can then begin to dissolve our projections and judgements of others.

The founder and innovator of the Aura-Soma system has a strong connection with this ArchAngeloi. It is as though she wishes to be remembered through this ArchAngeloi. It is an opportunity to sound the original ‘doh’ of the octave which means to re-affirm the beginnings and the original intent. This will help us go beyond the barriers of separation or distances between us and find the warmth and caring that dissolve these barriers.













 Chamael helps us to put the love, warmth and caring into the little things, as we accept ourselves so it becomes easier to accept others. This goes for our own opinions and other’s opinions equally of our actions whatever we thought we have already done.

Chamael brings us the offering of warmth, caring and love towards ourselves and others.

Love and Light,





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